CD Book: From Sublime to That One Band I Drunkenly Fell into a Warped Tour

CD Book: Page 1 — Blanks 77, Madcap, Sublime, and some good ole fashion Crass.

When I was 17 years old I learned a pretty neat trick. It turns out Jagermeister and Coca Cola are pretty much exactly the same color, and a bottle of Jager pours nicely into a 20 oz. Coke bottle. That’s what I did in the parking lot at the Lakewood Amphitheater outside of Atlanta, Georgia before heading into the 2002 Vans Warped Tour.

Beyond that, I really can’t tell you a lot of specifics about that day or who all played (I went too Warped Tour again the next year, and I’ve seen a lot of those same bands play at different times in my life, so things kind of blur together). But I do remember two things:

How I Built a Darkroom in Rural Alaska for $37

I turned my spare bathroom into a photographic darkroom. My wife is super thrilled about it…

Ever since I moved to Homer, Alaska in 2017 I’ve dreamed of having something like a community darkroom to print my mediocre film photographs and waste away long winter hours. Homer is a pretty artsy town, and I think there might be enough interest to keep something like that going on a small scale.

Well, this winter I took the first steps to hopefully making that dream a reality — I built a darkroom in our spare bathroom at home. It took me about 2 weeks to track down everything I needed, and thanks to a couple of generous donations I spent a total of about $37 putting everything together.

Relaunching a Website for the Homer Charter Association

That’s my old deckhand, Jonathan, on the left, and a couple of tourists holding mondo rockfish during summer 2022.

In another life I was once known to do some web design and at the time what they called “digital production.” Some of that work even won some awards. I have no idea if people still use that term “digital production,” and honestly I don’t care. I’d rather be out fishing.

CD Book: Stuck Lucky, Detonate, Gogol Bordello, and More Memories from Punk Rock Past

CD Book: Page 25 — Stuck Lucky, Detonate, Fatter Than Albert, Gogol Bordello, Lil Troy, and… more.

I’m old and still have a bunch of CDs, mostly from back in the day (which, for me, is probably 1996-2012 or so). This is the first installment of what might be a semi-regular thing where I open my CD briefcase and take a look at what’s on a given page.