At 80, Stan Brock remains committed to saving lives

cover_5KMXX01AXXXX_COLR.inddRemote Are Medical founder Stan Brock has managed to take an abstract idea to offer medical help those uninsured and turn it into a multi-million-dollar relief operation, although he’s quick to duck credit for such a thing, instead pointing to the thousands of men and women, medical doctors and dentists and others, who have volunteered time and energy over the years, or donated money, to help those in need. RAM’s operating budget fluctuates year-to-year depending on when different disasters strike and what sorts of relief efforts may be needed, but it generally tops more than $1 million, Secretary of State filings show.

“What is this, mission 810?” Brock asks a volunteer as they prepare for a weekend medical clinic in Macon County, Tenn. They’ll roll in with a convoy of trucks, setting up an impromptu complex offering medical, dental, and vision services for two days, treating as many people as they can. Just this past weekend they were at it again, this time in Lee County, Va. Next weekend they’ll be in Pickett County, Tenn. doing the same thing, and then to Lyon County, Nev. the weekend after that.

Now in his 80th year, Brock shows no signs of slowing down.

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Clay Duda is a freelance journalist specializing in investigative reporting, feature writing, editorial photography, and digital media.