Links to “Travels” Blog Archives


I’m retiring my “Travels” blog that hasn’t been updated since **cough** 2019, but you can still access that content here if you’re looking for even older photos and ramblings.

A couple of semi-relevant and semi-useful film- and camera- related posts on the old blog include:

I’ll still write about travel and stuff on here. Probably. But the format of this new “Mostly Film” blog frees me up to explore different topics and is a better focus for my life now. I’m a new father and a home owner again, so there’s been less travel and more adulting going on. My words should reflect that. Maybe.

Feel free to drop me an email to say “hi” or if you’re trying to find something specific on here: clayduda at gmail.



Clay Duda is a mariner, photographer, and writer living in Homer, Alaska.