Halibut Fishing on Kachemak Bay with ‘Gone Walk About’

The first video on the ‘Gone Walk About’ YouTube channel — Ash and I fishing for halibut out of Homer, Alaska.

My buddy Ash (AKA ‘Gone Walk About’ on YouTube) and I try to go out fishing together every spring. Things get hectic in Homer, Alaska when the snow finally melts. Boat work kicks into high gear ahead of the summer fishing seasons, and the whole town seems to awaken from its winter slumber.

This past week Ash and I managed to sneak away for an afternoon of halibut fishing on a flat-calm, blue-ish sky day in Kachemak Bay. It was late April, which is still considered off season for halibut fishing in Alaska, but we cared more about being out on the boat than we did catching fish, and with such nice weather it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Fishing ended up being pretty good, too.

We caught eight halibut and as many pacific gray cod in about an hour and a half of fishing. Nothing huge, which was fine by us. When we’re filling the freezer we target the smaller halibut because they’re the best eating.

Within the next few weeks our charter fishing season will be in full swing. I will be fishing seven days a week for most of the summer, and Ash will be off on his own endeavors. I count him as one of my best friends in Alaska, and it’s kind of lame we don’t get to see each other more during the summer months.

That’s what makes times like these all the more special.

Halibut fishing on Kachemak Bay. April 2023. Video by Ash Churchill.
Screenshot halibut fishing on Kachemak Bay with ‘Gone Walk About.’ April 2023.

While I’m out baiting hooks, Ash has big plans for the summer. He’s hitting the road and exploring Alaska in a way most people only dream of — with his adorable German Shepherd Taz and a plush camper strapped to the back of his truck. He has grand plans to drive all the way to Prudoe Bay and back to Homer, and a lot of place in between.

He’s started a pretty cool YouTube channel to document his travels called ‘Gone Walk About,’ a title that pays homage to his Australian roots and sexy accent (So the girls say). And our little fishing trip onto Kachemak Bay has the honor of being the first installment in his upcoming series.

Ash said he’s still experimenting with formats and editing styles and is trying different things to figure out what works for him. So if you’re so inclined, check out his first video, drop a like or a comment or even subscribe and follow along on his journey: https://www.youtube.com/@GoneWalkAbout80

It’s been fun Ash, I’ll see you in the fall.



Clay Duda is a mariner, photographer, and writer living in Homer, Alaska.