Clay Duda is a freelance journalist, writer, and photographer based in Homer, Alaska.

Hi, my name is Clay. I worked as a journalist full-time for seven years before I quit my day job to travel the world and do my own thing.

After packing around for a while, my wife and I found our way north to Homer, Alaska, where I run a small fishing boat during the summer.

I’m available for freelance writing and photography assignments, depending on the season, and happy to talk about potential projects.

clayduda (at) gmail (dot) com

Over the years my work has appeared in publications across the U.S. and earned several awards. My specialties include enterprise reporting, feature writing, editorial photography, and public records research.

I once discovered billions of gallons of water missing during a historic drought year, froze my ass off living homeless for a day in January, scored dope with a heroin addict on the lam (who is now clean and doing good, BTW), and chronicled the many challenges for communities rebuilding after wildfire.

I like telling stories in a way no one else can.

In the past I’ve held several different staff positions. I worked as lead reporter for a mid-sized weekly, a beat reporter for a daily rag, an online editor at one of the country’s largest alt-weeklies, and a photojournalist for two nonprofit newsrooms. I used to cook barbecue and build houses, too, but those are different stories. For a more detailed work history check my Resume page or LinkedIn profile.

I grew up around Atlanta and really miss it there sometimes. I studied journalism and photography at Georgia State University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts back in 2010. I like to take photos, mostly editorial and artsy stuff. Sometimes I shoot other things like weddings and conferences, but mostly I stick to journalism.